Goomento Form Builder

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  • Depencencies: For Magento 2 & Magento Page Builder By Goomento
  • Compatible: Community & Enterprise Edition (CE) 2.3.x, 2.4.x
  • Licenses: Unlimited installations/websites per purchase
  • Drag & Drog to use: Even if you're not tech-savvy, you should be able to easily create a form, preferably with a drag and drop editor.
  • Multiple step form builder: Able to build multistep form to collect data.
  • Unlimited forms/ fields: Can create unlimited forms and fields to any place on your website.
  • Email notification: Allows you to send confirmation email to both Customer and Admin.
  • Form customization: The more fields and settings you have for customizing your form, the more versatile it will be.
  • Frontend file submission: You may want to allow users to attach various types of files, such as images, videos, PDFs, and others.
  • Spam protection: protect your site with Google reCaptcha
  • Ajax effects when submitting form: Ajax Effect will appear to give the Magento 2 site the usability, practicality and elegance.
  • Responsive web forms: A Goomento Form Builder should enable you to create forms that look good on all devices.


Website forms are becoming increasingly popular among online store owners as a smart way to collect customer data. Multiple forms are equally important to Magento 2 store owners and should be given special consideration.

However, the ability to create multiple website forms on Magento 2 is really limited, and store owners don't have much room to customize the form. This limitation in Magento 2's default settings makes the forms look boring and uninteresting.

Drag-and-drop Form Builder


With Goomento, you can easily customize your webforms as well as web layouts as the form builder plugin is integrated directly with Goomento page builder.

The Goomento Form Builder includes a built-in form block that you can use to add forms to your site.

This block can be used to create a variety of forms, including contact forms, event application forms, feedback forms, appointment booking forms ... and embed them in different areas of your website.

It's easy to customize your own form with a codeless drag and drop visual builder.

It's simple to drag and drop elements, columns, and rows wherever you want. You can, in particular, preview any changes you've made directly in the backend.

After choosing the type of form you want, use the settings panel on the left to customize tasks like email notifications and what happens after form submission.

Submission management


After users submit your forms, all data will be saved in the admin section and can be accessed at any time.

The data can be filtered by dates or field values provided by users. Goomento Form Builder also allows users to export submission data in form of CSV or XML format for thes best use.

Advanced response email features


Generally, when a form is successfully submitted, Admin will receive an email notification.

  • Admin gets an email on form submission if enabled.
  • Can choose the email template from the list.

Goomento Form Builder also came up with auto-response feature. It will automatically send a confirmation/response email to customers after they complete the form. It takes only 1 click to set this up.

The ultimate Magento survey/contact form builder


Surveys are useful in a variety of industries when detailed information about a specific audience group is required. Below  are some of the most common types of surveys:

  • Event feedback 
  • Product surveys 

To change the design of your survey, you can adjust any survey form template and add different survey question types. 

You can, for example, create a customer satisfaction survey and include matrix questions to assess your site visitors' opinions about your products.

Spam protection


Attempting to prevent spam on small sites is primarily a manual process. To reduce spam, store owners can modify the comment, and registration settings. 

However, if your site has a contact form and receive a high volume of spam, manually blocking spammers' IP addresses may be too time-consuming. And if you're new to the Magento platform, it will be not the best experience.

You will end up playing whac-a-mole, where every time you shut down one spammer, three more appear. Therefore, the Goomento Form Builder offers a Google Recapcha feature to automate the process, providing the best protection while also saving you time.

Fully Compatible with store themes

Goomento Form Builder is compatible with all major Magento themes. It is lightweight and built for speed. You can use Goomento Page Builder and Form Builder with any popular store themes to create forms for your website.


Responsive web forms


For a user-friendly experience, responsive web forms are the top priority. A good contact form can help you increase conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and ultimately revenue for your online business.

Goomento form builder offers webforms that not only fit the desktop but also look good on mobile or tablet devices. Besides, customers won’t need to reload the page after submitting the form, leading to a seamless experience.

Version 1.0.1

- Fixed for Magento 2.4.6 & PHP8.2

- Fixed minor bugs